Our automotive enterprise services enable organizations to drive optimization while fostering innovation

The automotive sector is in a state of fluidity with the continuously evolving technology landscape impacting all aspects of the sector. Consumers today are getting even more demanding than ever with increasing need for personalized products and experiences. Add to this, the pressures of meeting rigorous quality/compliance standards, reduction in operating costs, fluctuating demand, etc. is pushing the industry to evaluate and adopt new approaches and business models.

At Intellents, we deliver business and technology solutions for the automotive industry with a strong focus on critical issues across the automotive value chain from suppliers to consumers to technology providers. Our expert services help them improve business efficiency and profitability, accelerate time to market, innovate and collaborate with the eco-system, penetrate new markets, build cost-effective products, streamline and optimize supply chain, and improve customer loyalty.

We combine our deep domain expertise, multiple technology CoEs with industry specific technology solutions to provide expert services for the automotive industry. Our service offerings include:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Product Development and Engineering
  • Design Collaboration
  • Service Parts Management
  • OEM Relationship Management
  • Supplier Collaboration
  • Dealer Business Management
  • Vendor Lifecycle Management
  • Enterprise Asset Management

Our resolutions focus on improving the experience, reinvent business models, and to enhance their interaction with the new digital customer.

Our Success Stories

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