Innovation Through Natural Intelligence

“The expression AI is used to describe devices that are thought to reproduce activities that require human intelligence” Argues Roger Penrose, British professor emeritus of Oxford University, mathematician, physicist, and cosmologist.

He further adds that technological acceleration or evolution of machine learning is not enough to declare the triumph of artificial intelligence over natural or human intelligence, and we couldn’t agree more.

At Intellents, we believe that although AI is a highly influential intelligence, only human intelligence is the real thing. It is an essential precondition for meaningful innovation.

All the digital and social innovation arises from irreproducible human awareness, there will continually be a room for man, even during the dominance of machines. It is indeed a revolution that we are experiencing today, and this is what Intellents is aiming with the help of pooled resources, greater access to mobility, permanent connectivity, and efficient solutions.

Our Success Stories

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